Boost Your Body Image Bundle

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If you are looking for a body image boost you are in the right place. The ebook will teach you tips and strategies to help you be more confident in your skin.

We'll cover the topics below:

  • Body Image and Health

  • Signs that Poor Body Image is Negatively Impacting Your Health

  • Keeping an Honest and Healthy Perspective on Body Image

  • Accepting Honest Constructive Criticism of Our Bodies

  • How to Set Young Girls on the Path to a Healthy Body Image

    You will learn the truth about body image, whether you are mildly concerned about looks, preoccupied to the point of obsessing over every calorie and every fluctuation of the reading on your bathroom scale, or somewhere in between, is that health, physical fitness, and personal safety should dictate the goals that a young girl (or a woman of any age, really) has over how much she weighs and the general condition of her body.

    You will also get a workbook with exercises to help you reflect on the keys to successfully boosting your body image. You also get the eBook/audio version to listen to anywhere or on your mobile or in the car.

    That's not all you will get a couple of bonuses from other awesome content I create to help women to conquer limiting beliefs and fear, so they can live confidently and manifest the abundance they deserve.

    Bonus#1: Confidence is Key from the Control The Fear Audio Series

    Bonus#2: 40 Confidence Affirmations

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Boost Your Body Image eBook, audiobook and Workbook +2 presell Bonuses


Boost Your Body Image Bundle

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